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This was awesome! Thanks!

That game was great!

That was awesome!

cool frog experience

I enjoyed playing this! Only negatives was what atleast felt like a low frame rate. Also the camera because it had to be at "pixel positions". Other than that, fun!

wonderful game!

Amazing game! Love this!
Time: 10:33
Deaths: 66

That was pretty fun :) I really liked the flame particles on the torches. The only thing I didn't like was the sound effect on the double jump; it didn't sound right to me


Played through this on my channel! Really solid little platformer.

Really fun :)


omg guys i found dark souls 4 early release!!!

I loved this! This owns! Didn't expect the classic metroid-esque backtracking to take part in a pico8 game like this lmao. Awesome game!

Музыку смени и звук двойного прыжка, ну и по возможности ВАСД и прыжок где-нибудь на JKL. А так мне понравилось, цельно и ситуации все неизбитые.

awesome game! 

time: 3:39


Cool game!

Time: 8:27

Death: 48

I love leveldesign of this game

Neat game!

Good, small game!

time: 11:30